Du Mont Engineering Newsletter – December 2018



A bold way to freshen your kitchen for the holidays –

December 2018

The familiar aromas of cinnamon and spices permeate through the air. The fireplace is lit and the smiles of loved ones warm the space, as everyone is gathered in what is considered one of the most social gathering spaces in historic and modern architecture – the kitchen.

Recent architectural trends illustrate the enlargement of the kitchen in response to the ever-growing human desire to entertain and gather with family and friends. As the holiday season approaches, now is an ideal time to renovate, update, and redesign the kitchen – whether it be a set of construction plans wrapped up under the Christmas tree or an ambitious way to start the New Year.

Du Mont Engineering is a full-service architectural engineering firm that specializes in kitchen remodels, along with many other services. Du Mont Engi­neering offers our clients a wide range of Residential Planning and Design services and values the importance of both design and structural dependency. When considering a kitchen remodel, it is critical to have collaboration from the architect, engineer, and construction manager. Since Du Mont Engineering offers all three services, it ensures that the remodel process will be accurate on all expertise.

Du Mont Engineering is capable of expediting the progress of large or small projects. Our professional staff has over 50 years of professional engineering and architectural design experience. Du Mont Engineering uses the same attention to technical detail and project management that has produced uniformly economical results for our clients.

Du Mont Engineering designs projects for a wide range of clientele. We are a team player on various types of projects. Our experience includes architectural and engineering design, engineering management, construction management and observations of construction in progress. Projects range from small building additions to $25 million dollar industrial projects. The engineers at Du Mont Engineering have designed and managed many medium to high-rise projects throughout the country and worldwide. They also have extensive experience in preparation of construction documentation for new and retrofit projects.

Du Mont Engineering has extensive expertise in designing luxury kitchens with affordability in mind. Du Mont Engineering prides itself in both the craft and the importance of individual expression throughout the design process, as the cli­ent’s vision are what drives this enterprise.

For more information regarding kitchen remodels, residential remodels, and several other architectural engineering services, please visit Du Mont Engineering at https://dumontengineering.com/residential-projects/

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