Du Mont Engineering provides our clients with the complete package of Engineering design services. Du Mont Engineering’s services span across the spectrum of both structural and civil engineering.


Du Mont Engineering’s experience and licensures in architecture, engineering, and project management make us the perfect fit to assist in the overall planning of your project. We believe in determining and establishing an overall custom tailored game plan for each project, allowing us to identify the unique challenges and opportunities of each project. Some of these services include: Assessment and ratings of existing conditions, identification of issues, assessment of magnitudes, priorities, phasing, budgetary estimating, timing, code requirements, funding & financial requirements, coordination with local jurisdiction, and determining the written scope of work.


Du Mont Engineering provides our clients with the complete package of Renovation services. Projects range from multi-family, industrial, residential, institutional, commercial developments, and miscellaneous structures.


Du Mont Engineering provides our clients with the complete design and scheduling package for your Building Maintenance.


Du Mont Engineering is here to help property managers, board members, and the community navigate the confusion and challenges of SB326 compliance. Du Mont Engineering can help your team formulate a game plan tailored to each community’s specific needs. We are the seasoned expert that can help lead your communities to SB326 compliance. Du Mont Engineering has decades of experience working with HOAs to design and implement the proper maintenance, shoring, repairs, and rebuilding of thousands of decks and balconies. Du Mont Engineering provides complete Architectural, Engineering, and Project Management services — so we can offer everything needed for observations, planning, repairs, and rebuilds.


Du Mont Engineering provides our clients with Expert Witness services. We provide our clients with assessments of as-built conditions; identification of issues, defects and areas of concern; thorough documentation of existing conditions; assessment, study, review and analysis of construction documentation and performance; performance and study of tests, studies, and exhibits; written reports; and expert witness.


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